An Intelligent Crow

An Intelligent Crow

A Crow can recognize either he is a man or woman

You may have heard clever stories of the crow so many times. The scientists say that they are smart enough as they can recognize 100 % accurate a photograph whether it is a man or woman. You can’t disguise the crow by changing the contour in the photo.

Maybe you have read an ancient Chinese story of a thirsty crow that how he drunk water from a pot having very little water in it.

The story is that……….. “Once upon a time there was a crow. He was very thirsty. He flew angrily here and there to find out water. Eventually, he saw a jug having very little water in it. But the level of water was very low and he couldn’t drink it. He thought an idea for water to come up; he put a few stones in the jug. The water came up; he drank it and flew away happily.”

Last year, Christopher Bird of Cambridge University and his team had an experiment on the crow; they tried on this story of the crow and get 100% correct results.

Similarly, a team of experts from Birmingham University makes a video of more than 1800 hours on forest crows and reached at this point that they use different tools to get their food through the stems of trees and small holes. Their tools are usually small pointed straw and something like this. And they know very well where the appropriate shape of tools to be used.

To bereave something from children’s hands and flew away or attack a single person with their cluster is a common habit of crows.

The crow’s description is present in short stories and poetry of almost all cultures. Most of the poets make them a part of their poetry and also some of our songs admirably include crow.

The scientists advert especially towards the intelligence of the crow and in all well-known universities of all over the world the experiments have been done in this regard. Recently an expert team of Tokyo Agriculture University of Japan has done different interesting experiments on crows. For their experiments, rather than trained crows they select four ferine crows from different cities and towns of Japan.

During experiments, different colored pictures of men and women were shown to the crows having hidden hairs (i.e. it is difficult to determine their sex). Mostly the Japanese men do not have a beard and mustache, and if it covered the hairs of the men and women then it is difficult to recognize their sex.

Scientists make two groups of crows each having two crows. One group has trained to choose man’s photo and another group has trained to find out a woman’s photo. While training, when they choose the correct picture then a prize of a piece of cheese has been given to the crow to eat.  After that, the crows to forget the setting of photos (as they were trained) they add some more photos and mix them like cards. During the experiment, three out of four crows have chosen the correct photo and their identification was 100% correct. While the fourth crow has perfectly chosen the photo seven times out of ten in this experiment.

These experiments were done by a combined team of BzaurkAfurk a professor of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology and Sugyta a professor of Ausunumya University. They say that they know in these experiences that the crows can easily distinguish that either photo is of a man or a woman even if we change their contour. They also explain that these experiments provide help to understand the Psychology and Mental capabilities of crows and what a man could take benefit from the abilities of crows.

The crow even with full intelligence and wisdom, betrayal by a blackbird as she put their eggs in the nest of crow. The crow sits on the eggs until children of blackbird come out. When children grow up and start speaking then the crow knew that something wrong happened with him.

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