Waterless Washing Machine

Waterless Washing Machine

The washing machine uses just one cup of water!

Scientists are researching day and night on different products and fields. Fortunately, they have succeeded to manufacture a washing machine which can wash clothes without water. This useful machine is designed by British Company Xeros Ltd.

This latest washing machine has been also popular in the American market due to a new washing technique that is capable to save a lot of water by using nylon polymer beads.

These beads completely and effectively clean fabrics without any water at all and for washing clothes, it uses 90% less water than traditional washers. In addition, the manufacturer says that it also consumes less detergent, less energy and there would be no need for tumble drying. The main function of nylon beads is to absorb stains from the fabric.

Using just a little bit of water to create wet conditions, the nylon beads absorb stains from the fabric into its core. The dirt and stains not only attracted by the surface of the beads but also absorb into the cores which results in cleaner and whiter clothes. This is the main idea which Xeros researched and succeeded to manufacture a waterless washing machine.

Financial Benefits:

Xeros waterless machine can be beneficial in terms of cost and energy management up to 30 percent of other machines.  This consumer saving management gives the ultimate projection not only in the US but also all over the world.

Concerns with the waterless machine:

Though it seems that there would be no concerns as initial tests of cleaning with waterless machines are satisfactory. But some possible concerns are that this kind of machine may have an effect on the quality of fabric by the usage of nylon polymer beads such as virtually dryness of the fabric, stiffness of the fabric and it may tear sooner than expected. Although some comprehensive tests on different kinds of fabric like silk, delicate fabric, and embroidered fabric have no effect of nylon polymer beads at all.

Coalition with the Smart Brain:

There is a combined network of Xeros Ltd. and Professor Stephen Burkinsaw with his team of researchers and scientists at the University of Leeds that is a leading textile institute in the UK. Xeors Ltd has also another partnership with Green Earth Cleaning who has been planning to start production of waterless machines commercially at the end of 2010.

Along with some wonderful benefits of Xeros waterless machine but the big merit of the machine is that it will protect the environment by saving energy.