Less Consumed Fuel Car

This will be a great achievement in the future for public benefit to drive the vehicles in less fuel as a long drive for just 100 miles per gallon.

In America, just a few days before the three combined teams have won a prize regarding manufacturing a car which consumed very little fuel. The prize for this car was ten Million Dollars.

The cars of all three teams have the capability to travel 100 miles in a gallon. The award was given to them in an exhibition held in Washington.

This is a great sign that what types of the vehicle would be in the future. One of the experts of “Lee Ion Motors” (one of the winning team) says that it would be a very affordable, cheap and reliable car.

The car that won a million-dollar prize to participate in the world Motor Exhibition was among one of 136 motor vehicles. The purpose was to prepare a car that would be safe, environment-friendly and affordable to run on less fuel.

One of the senior of the second winning prize team “Edison-2” says that their car has left a good impression all over the world regarding travel much more distance in less fuel.

After a tough competition, only a few cars were reached in the final stages and then eligible for Washington Exhibition. All of them, only three cars won the one million dollar prize and they felt very blessed to win this grand prize.

They said that this is the reward of our two years’ hard-working struggle in preparation for this car. We can’t imagine that we could be successful for this grand prize but we think that it will take some time to believe in our great success.

Other than this, another car has also got a prize in this competition. The quality of this car is that it is only two-seats which completely run by electric charge. After traveling a distance of 150 miles it should have to be recharged again. The cost of recharging the battery is only a dollar. The price of this car is less than 40,000 dollars.

It also puts a good impression on the public because it fulfills their demand and needs. This car was manufactured in Switzerland, designed and developed by X Trysr team. In this car, the motorcycle engine has been installed which run by a normal battery and maybe within a year this car will be launched in the market. The price of this car will be less than a hundred thousand dollars.

The winners are now waiting for investors to invest in their business for bulk productions of these cars.

Yes……Of course! This will be a great achievement in the future for public benefit to drive their vehicles in less fuel for a long drive.