Lighting Plants

New Invention

Bye-bye street lights……!

A short time ago, a science fiction English Film “Aua Wire” released. This film not only provides extreme suspense to the numerous viewers. It has not also provided great interest but also gave a new way to the researchers and scientists.

Actually in one scene of film lighted plants were shown which emitted light. By viewing this film an elegant idea came to agricultural scientists of Taiwan to grow such plants with the latest and modern technology. This can not only use for the internal beauty of the buildings and parks but also they can emit light to glow the surroundings. With this new invention flowers, greenery and light become a single unit.

All around the world, by increasing the prices of fuel scientists are engaged to research alternative sources of energy. On one side, big power plants have been installed to produce electric power from the sunlight and wind power… On the other hand, some intelligent scientists of Taiwan are thinking about how to produce light from plants to glow tube lights and fancy lights as they are hopeful.

In Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, Chief of the research center of applied sciences says that their experts selected a water plant named “Bacopacaroliniana” for light experiments. This plant is just like bushes present beneath the water. Its leaves are soft and pulpy. By rubbing these leaves lemon smell comes out. The color of the flower is blue and has five petals. Due to the beauty of these flowers, people often grow those in their aquariums as it has small lights that make these plants more beautiful and charming.

The Chief explained that his research team dips this plant in a solution which consists of gold particles. After a couple of days these gold particles enter into the plant cells. Then the plant placed under ultraviolet rays which produce electrons in the tiny particles present in the plant cells, by this chemical change leaves of the plant has been emitted red light which is a great success in the field of energy.

The chief of the research center argued that these tiny light particles are present in the leaves for two weeks to two months. During this time period, the plant continuously produced light. One other scientist of the team, from Taiwan’s National Chung Kung University’s Department of Physics, says that the structure of tiny particles in the leaves plays a key role in the emission of light and meanwhile by giving them a special shape we can produce much more powerful light.

A Bio-organic Scientist, from the Electro Communication University of Tokyo, says that experiments of nano-particles (tiny particles) on the living things nowadays is the most favorite and hot topic. It is possible in the future; this field may bring lots of good news and amazing innovation for the next generation.

At present, scientists have been searching for cheap items to get bulk production as the items used in this project are expensive and not feasible for bulk production. They claimed if they find cheap alternatives, then Living Light products (we can say like LEDs) will begin easily and easily available in the market to be used for decorating as well as glowing light purposes.

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