Sun-rays to clean water

Sun-rays to clean water

Water is Life

It is generally accepted that “Water is Life”. The big issue currently facing by the entire developing communities of all over the world is “CLEAN WATER”. In this regard, many non-governmental organizations have been putting the enormous efforts in the affected areas of this issue.

That is why a program has been run all over Pakistan to disinfect drinking water through solar energy (solar water disinfection) where there is more than 50% of the total population has been deprived of clean drinking water. While the death rate in children has been risen by using polluted water. The results of this program have been satisfactory which has been run on an experimental basis in Faisalabad and Hyderabad and an obvious fall in the rate of diseases especially in diarrhea has been observed.

This program has been inaugurated in Islamabad by the coordination of the Government of Pakistan, a non-governmental organization SDPI and Switzerland. The purpose of this program is to facilitate the method of “to improve the quality of domestic drinking water” on ground level at a very cheap cost.

Although by using this method it is not possible that polluted water can be cleaned but through this method, unsafe water can be used as drinking water at a medium level.

Momi Saleem, an SDPI expert, told in an interview to Voice of America that the population who is deprived of clean drinking water will be insinuated to keep that drinking water in “Pet Bottles” or recycled plastic bottles for six hours in ‘Sunlight’. So that it could make possible to make this water free from germs and other injurious elements for health. He said that although water cannot be 100% cleaned but it could be far better protected by keeping in 70-75°C.

Jamila Khatoon, an official of the Swiss Cooperation Office, told that clean water through sunlight program has already been in operation in Latin America, Africa and many countries in South Asia. And in Pakistan, they have already collected some good results from experimental centers of Faisalabad and Hyderabad as there has been an obvious decrease in different diseases, especially in diarrhea. This 10 Million rupees program will be continuing up till 2011 during which relevant departments will not only advertise this new method but also raise the importance of clean water.

The officials of the Ministry of Environments said that the Government will provide full support and favor. While Mr. Naseer Gilani, the chief planning commission Officer, said it should make possible with the coalition of Ministry of Science and Technology that the water cleaned from plastic bottles is free from any injurious effects on the liver and kidneys of people especially children. They said, “By using one medicine it could be possible that you’ll get better but there remain some injurious effects”.

According to a survey, 62% of urban and 84% of the rural population of Pakistan still drink water without cleaning.

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