Electric Cars

Electric Cars

Due to highly increased prices of petroleum/gas products and also carbon emission environment polluted vehicles cause the manufacturers to work hard on alternative substitutes. Luckily few manufacturers are successful in this task. They have designed new cars which can run by an electric charge which is economical and free of environmental pollution.

In this regard, new electric cars will be coming soon on the road by Nissan Leaf 2011 and Chevrolet by General Motor Company of America in the first quarter of 2011. These cars fulfill the latest features according to the needs of both executive and middle-class people.

Following are the 10 shining features of Electric Cars:

  1. Carbon Emission Free:

Electric cars are the only 100 % free of carbon emission. Their performance is pollution-free that is why they are called zero-polluting products.

  1. Easy Gas:

The “gas” needed to these cars is obtained from the sun, a battery or hydrogen fuel cells.

  1.  Better Mileage:

The mileage travel by electric cars is more than normal fuel cars, due to fewer parts used as compared to traditional cars.

  1.  Light weight:

They are light weight and compact as compare to traditional vehicles.

  1.  More Life Time:

The lifetime of an electric car is much greater than traditional cars. If we drive 50 miles a day, the car should last you ninety years.

  1.  Save Running Cost:

Their upfront price may be high, but overall their running expenditures are less over the lifetime.

  1.  Calm and Quieter:

Due to the latest electronic system, these cars are much quieter than others.

  1.  Reduce Oil Battle:

These cars reduce our reliance on international oil supplies.

  1. Easily Charge:

They are easily changed; better at relaxing night time, when mostly the energy demand is lower.

  1.  Going Green:

As we mentioned earlier these cars are not emitting any carbon smoke, therefore they do not have much effect on the global green environment.

The good achievement is that the US government announces that up to $7,500 tax reduction to owners of electric vehicles.

In short, most of the credit went to Nissan for leading automobile technology.

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