Car Without Driver

Google Introduces New Car Without Driver

The automobile industry introduces new innovative models of vehicles day by day which uses different types of fuels such as electric energy, solar energy, hydrogen gas, and other fuels. The experts claim that the main benefit of modern vehicles is that they produce less pollutant (carbon) gases which is a big threat to global warming.

A well-known web search engine “Google” has been working on a task to manufacture a new vehicle that can run without a driver. A dedicated micro computerized control system has also installed in it to deliver the passengers securely at their destination.

Google claims that their Engineers research and test more than 225,000 km of these cars. As a test drive, these cars have been driven on various roads of California without a driver. Even San Francisco’s hard abstain Bill did on the streets trial was successful.

In these cars video cameras, radar sensors and laser devices are installed to identify the road conditions, lanes, road signs, and nearby traffic.

These devices have been connected through the Satellite Navigation System and send all the information to the centrally computerized controlled room to get assistance in route selection.

According to Google’s corporate blog……… the journey on these cars are more secure than cars having drivers, because the performance of the modern dedicated electronic devices are much better than a human being. The key point is that these devices neither sleep nor their concentration deviates from here to there. They perform calmly and responsibly even the noise and horn of other cars don’t annoy them.

During test drive Google’s drivers were present in the cars, not to drive the car but just only for a safety purpose to control any emergency situation but they didn’t find any mishap.

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