Car for Blind People

A new approach to help disabled persons  

For safe driving, it is important for a driver to drive cautiously and their eyes must be on the road all the time during the drive. But you will be surprised to now that a car is in the final stage of manufacturing that even blind people should enjoy driving this car for Blind.
C Net News and Washington Post reported that the National Federation of Blind and a well known US University Virginia Tech said that they would be successful during 2011 to run a car on the road that blind people could drive. Because in this car special equipments have been installed which guide the sight deprived persons.

Modern technology is based on the equipment which can inform and guide drivers about nearby vehicle speed and other barriers on the road while they travel on the road.

The president of the American National blind federation Dr. Mark says that they are working in these areas which were not the first focus. They say that they want to finish this idea that disabled people like blind persons are a burden on society.

He introduced this idea a decade before that blind people can drive a car on the road. To implement his idea successful he established an institute.

For the manufacturing of this special car, he developed a model car that can run in traffic without the driver at Virginia Tech University in 2007.

After a successful drive of this model car, a team of Virginia Tech had started work on this project to manufacture a car that could run without a driver. In this car, Laser Sensors and Cameras have been installed which can work as an eye.

Near the seat of the driver, such type of instruments would have been installed which will inform and guide the driver that when he should increase or decrease the speed of a car or turn left or right.

Specially developed this car, the experimental drive would be done on a tuna race track. However, they thought to select a blind person to drive this special car.

Dr. Dennis Hong, a mechanical engineer at Virginia Tech. who led the project says that with the help of this technology the blind people will not only drive safely but also they could do many other important tasks.

Meanwhile, the experts say that after a successful test drive to bring such vehicles on the roads is not an easy task but it may take a long time. It depends on the society that how they accept blind persons as drivers.

No matter, it is a good effort for the blind persons to become a regular part of the developed community.

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