Facebook commence a startup to release live shopping

According to Facebook authority, they developed a small video-shopping startup to help live shopping program under Facebook Business Marketing. This program is known as “Packagd”. The primary purpose of this program is to initiate the quick shopping attribute for the convenience of the people.

Eric Feng is the founder of Packagd and a former business partner of Kleiner Perkins Caufield& Byers.

Suddenly all senior workers of the startup’s team somewhat five joined Facebook achievement in September.

Up till now, Facebook has not ready to brief any official statement of its hook up with Packagd. A person familiar with the plans informed that the small startup team is working on a development plan for Marketplace. It would enable buying through live video marketing strategy.

However, last year Facebook had tried this thing in Thailand but failed to get expected results from video marketing, so they have to close it.

Purchasing via Facebook live shopping strategy is growing fast seems to be popular extensively.

Most of the users from China prefer this booming purchasing trend. Alibaba stores start online shopping this year on Single’s Day who achieved more than $38 billion sales task.

Purchasing through live shopping is growing immensely in popularity. Users in China especially favor the trend. The Alibaba Group also initiates a similar mode of shopping on Single’s Day this year, which generated $38 billion in sales.

Ms Kim Kardashian, a well-known online seller, introduced her latest fragrance through live stream. Meanwhile, some other big online sales marketing platforms, I mean Amazon and eBay also working on these lines of selling trends as well.

Kim Kardashian also launched her new fragrance via live stream while Amazon is working on features to introduce live video shopping as well.

Most of the market researchers said that for many years Facebook has been trying to enter online selling and buying with a full flag on its platform. Unfortunately, complete success has not seems to be attained so far. Meanwhile, online shopping would be a key focus in 2020 by Facebook owners.

Let’s wait until any positive updates released by Facebook on this project.