Be Conscious – A strange message can erase all your WhatsApp group chat

It has been crystal clear that WhatsApp is one of the world’s leading communication platforms for all daily life users, business promotion and even government officers. They need it to send or receive their essential messages. Nowadays, hackers can send a single malicious message on WhatsApp to erase all the group chat and crash WhatsApp application.
It can be a powerful weapon for wrong players, and they want to stop the user by using WhatsApp and remove useful information from people from group chats.

WhatsApp Investigation Team

According to WhatsApp investigation team, a terrible bug could be a reason to cause a lot of harm than expected. To create this violation, the user sends a critical chat message into the group chat that causes to erasing all the group chats along with WhatsApp crashing accidentally.

The bug is so harmful that the WhatsApp user will be forced to uninstall and then once again install this app to avail of the benefits of this useful app. The critical fact is that even after a newly installed app, the WhatsApp user would not be able to get access to the previous group chat or couldn’t look at any prior data information.

No doubt WhatsApp’s experienced and talented security team has fixed this issue and providing a safe environment to their valuable users. It is vital for them. Meanwhile, authority officers recommended all users to update the latest version of WhatsApp to their device. In short, hackers are battling with this new fix by WhatsApp. Moreover, Security Check Point released a video demo to convince how they can do it. They all have done almost through Web WhatsApp.

Significant Point

The significant point is that WhatsApp has millions of people daily online at a time, so this bug can leads critical to break down. Security researchers recommended all users to update the app instantly with the latest version 2.19.58 to counter the bug. Sure, it’s now safe for all.

WhatsApp has acknowledged the findings and made a fixed by really pleased to the security group of people for serving them all the time. WhatsApp is now keeping an eye on necessary measures to get rid of the bug straight away.

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