Titan – rated as fastest computer in the world

world’s fastest computer is well efficient to perform trillion calculations
No doubt computers have extremely enhanced the way businesses operate in their respective fields. Latest technology has advanced so amazing that we can’t imagine. It is wonder if you visualize how the latest world would be like without computers? Computers are wonderful equipment that has been used widely in almost all industries and fields.
Titan certainly is rated as fastest computer developed by America (ORNL) laboratory. The super computer is placed in the 500 position as world’s fastest computer for November 2012. LINPAC states that the computer is well efficient to perform 17,590 trillion calculations within one second at the speed of 17.59 PF/Sec.
The computer is powered by over ½ million processors and ¼ million accelerators (NVIDIA K20x).
Earlier this summer, LLNL’s Sequoia system was termed as one of the fastest in this category, offering US with an opportunity to place itself in the position of manufacturers of high speed computers since 2009. Presently US are holding two positions in the list for manufacturing high speed computers.
Titan was revealed by Oak Ridge past month, claiming it to take first or second place in the list of high speed computers for its performance as latest invention. Titan certainly is little bit distinct as compared to its Jaguar system Sequoia, as it belongs to open system machine. It certainly can be used in both private and public sectors for performing tasks. Apart from this, Sequoia is termed as high speed machine to work for stockpile work for nuclear weapons for US as latest technology.
Oak Ridge certainly is considered as top priorities for security system, placing US in the top position for manufacturing high speed computers. Apart from this it is known to offer with best security for presidents agenda. Ellen Nakashima also stated that president had offered top powers to Oak Ridge for undertaking security tasks for handling cyber attacks.
It is known that the computer shall be made use of for manufacturing vehicles that are more energy efficient, research biological fuels and alter climatic changes.
Hans Muer published the list for top rated super computers since 1986. The list was made public at Utah, Salt Lake City. Titan is made use of for carrying out calculations to increase the life span of weapons making use of its CPU and GPU technologies.

It is also expected that in the near future this combination shall be used to upgrade present generations of computers for better performance levels.
As these computers are able to perform multiple tasks at a time so it is expected that GPU can go through more chances as compared to CPU. It is also expected that Titan is designed to work out calculations ten times more speedy as compared to Tesla K20 GPU, which is a generation of computer developed by Kepler for performing heavy duty works. This will help it place in the top ten positions as one of the most efficient processors.

After being completed, it is expected that Titan will offer with its best performance exceeding 20 PF/Sec equivalent to 20,000 + trillion calculations within one second. This will help perform research in most fields staring from astrophysics to climatic study and other fields where accuracy is more in demand.

Titan certainly has managed to leave behind Sequoia, developed by IBM- which was earlier used to carrying out best simulations for improving life span of the life spaneapons – we certainly can thank perfect blend of CPU and GPU technology.