premium quality smartphone windows phone 8x

Windows Phone 8X is the latest innovation by HTC

It can be described as innovative design that offers you with complete mobile features along with reflecting your personality. Additional specs include – improved color display, sleek appearance and customized screen – designed to offer best features to users.

HTC certainly does offer with collection of best mobile gadgets to fulfill your requirements. So if you are looking for best smart phone of the season, then this gadget has the power to offer you with smile on your face.

The new improved 8X Windows phone – With the launch of this phone it is certain that HTC is all prepared to offer its users with its latest innovation “Windows Phone8X” that is designed to offer with full features of Windows operating system. The gadget is expected to leave its mark on its users mind. At the very first glance you might feel that the phone offers with a very unique looks that is modern and fresh. You certainly get to see the latest innovation of HTC in this gadget. The price tag is slightly on the higher side – $99 offered by AT&T, specifically for the US market.

HTC flagship – the New Windows phone 8X is a gadget that is solely developed to offer you with unbeatable features including built in amplifier, Beats audio processing, 720 Pixel resolution and a LCD display (4.3 inch) that is par excellence. The gadget is also powered by 1.5 GHz dual core microprocessor and a memory of 1GB RAM makes it very much distinct. The smart phone 8X also offers users with big internal storage (equivalent to 16GB) and exceptions twin cameral (1080 Pixel front and rear facing) with f/2 aperture along with unique NFC support.

> Status – Announced
> Launching date – November 2012

> Launching price – $ 199.99

General specs

State of art camera – With improved twin cameras it is possible to shoot much wider angles. So when clicking you can aim to shoot more number of people in a single footage. It is designed to aim for a much wider angle that is ultra wide. The photo quality is also crispy and sharp – even if you are shooting in minimal light source.
Sleek design – It is certain that users might find this very much handy and comfortable when in their hand. The ultra seamless design is perfect to rest in your palms and ears. The elegant matte finish certainly makes this one of the most distinct gadget that is available in multiple color range.
Amplifier – The gadget is equipped with Beats audio type amplifier – so if you like to enjoy HD music features then this is the gadget for you. It offers with excellent quality sound that does not get distracted much, even when listening to music at high volume settings.

Target more people in a single shot with ultra wide 8X camera

There might have been times when you just were not able to shoot wide angle pictures of your friends and relatives. Not many gadgets offer you with wide angle front camera features. With Windows phone 8X rear and front wide angle camera it is possible to shoot more number of people in a single shot. The gadget is designed to offer with excellent 88° angle coverage from the front facing camera – which is nearly three times what any other mobile phone offers you with. So you can click much wider angle in a single shot.

Iconic design

The gadget offers users with innovative technology combined with par excellence effort. The outer body is sleek and iconic that offers with unibody feeling at the very first glance. The moment you see it you feel that the gadget is designed with no bumps and protrusions – and the camera buttons are also intact within the body making it more elegant and iconic.

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