Latest updates: Which one is better for you? iPhone or Android

When you need to buy one of the best mobile phones, the first choice for you may be difficult: iPhone or Android.

Because two Smartphone giants have a tight grip on their regular users and have a competition in the market. Imagine it’s not simple, both competitors offer a lot of attractive functions with respect to price and user-friendly operation.

Though, a deep look shows that there must be few basic differences. Have a look at some main features of both companies by comparing them. It helps you to select the best Smartphones as per your choice and pocket, either an iPhone or Android.


First of all, we look at the hardware structure of both Smartphone’s have totally different from each other. iPhones are made and designed only by Apple Inc. So it has entirely control on hardware and software structure of their phones.

While Google offers the Android system to a lot of mobile companies to develop their phones on this software, for e.g. Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, OPPO, and now Nokia too. That is why, it’s clear that Android Smartphone is different extensively in quality, features, size, and weight. If you love iPhones, you are supposed to be just choosing a specific model. Meanwhile, some may like Android offers vast brands and models.

OS Compatibility

Everyone loves to use the fast and latest versions of Smartphone operating system, so you have to select an iPhone. The reason behind this is, several Android manufacturers are slow in upgrading their operating system’s version and every so often doesn’t update their Smartphone at all. Moreover, Apple’s support for its older mobile is usually better than Android’s.

Battery Life: Reliable Improvement

No doubt the initial iPhone required to get charged their batteries daily, but nowadays latest models can stay days with no charge. It’s all due to some new versions of the operating system which tend to improve battery life until they’re updated in the next releases. Actually battery timing condition is more complicated with iPhones, due to the latest hardware formation. However, thanks to the broad selection of Android phones; you can blind depend on extra massive and actually need a long-lasting battery. Simply, Android can deliver a Smartphone that consumes much longer as compared to an iPhone on a single charge.

Apps: Selection vs. Control

Android offers much more features at Google Play (near about 2.2 million vs. 3.6 million, as of April 2018) as compared to Apple App Store, but keep in mind it’s not the most significant thing. Actually iPhone is notably strict even fewer could say its too strict concerning apps it allows, while Google’s parameters for Android are obliging.
Moreover, a lot of free apps available at Google Play store rather than the Apple Store. Hence, Apple’s grip may appear too tight, it also controls conditions just like the one where a counterfeit WhatsApp version was uploaded on Google Play and downloaded by approximately one million people before it was detached. So that’s a main prospective security threat; in short, Apple avoids junk Apps.

Few powerful features of iPhone Smartphones

A few powerful features of iPhone Smartphones that suppose it to get a higher position than Android Smartphones.

Let’s see;

Integration with Other Devices: Continuity Guaranteed

A Mobile Gaming Powerhouse

Incorporation with Other Devices: stability Guaranteed

The Unmatched Apple Store Support

Artificial Intelligent Assistant

Good Consumer Experience: Sophistication vs. Customization Indeed in this aspect, the winner will be sure iPhone.