Is there Really China Creating Its Own Internet to beat US?

The U.S. has a prominent place in the world of technology and PC revolution, but now the china is trying to ramp up a strategy to take things in its favor. Success of Nest and Dropcam in the United States, the china has decided to connect the devices via all of the major Chinese web properties, including SINA, Baidu and Tencent to increase the market share and advertising revenue. SINA initiated the trend with Wi-Fi weather stations, and you can see the battle between the internet giants of China to provide the best IoT services to the third party manufacturers. The services are quite similar to the web services of Amazon. There are three major reasons for China to create its own internet to take over the internet market of the world:

China Confidently Entrenched as the Industrialized Center of the Planet

China is quite confident to ensconce as the industrialized center of the planet, and different services and potential offered by the Chinese producers. Almost 15 years ago, the Chinese producers basically have their supply chain to beat the U.S. The products designed in the U.S. were shipped in the Taiwanese companies to figure out different ways to efficiently manufacture them before shipping them in different parts of the China for cheap and volume manufacturing.

Currently, the Chinese companies have their own industrial design for the manufacturing and people often ignore this fact. The U.S. companies are not taking cheap labor and engineering from China, because they want expert people for their work.

Chinese Producers are Building Their Own Brands

Now Chinese producers want to build their own retail brands and the Yifang Digital Technology is its biggest example. The tablet of Yifang is the 5th largest selling tablet in the United States, and 8th in the world. The products of the company are available on the shelves of large retail stores, including Target and Wal-Mart. The China has a sophisticated manufacturing base and the retailers are willing to promote the new brands of China. It can have great impact on the veterans of the industry.

IoT is Important for China and all Fast-growing OECD Economies

The priorities for the each region can vary, for instance, it can be fun in the United States to have smart thermostats, but it is an obligatory tool in the Asian countries, like China, India and Pakistan. More than 1.4 billion people do not have access to the grid, and the available grid is very rickety and dirty. The India is suffering with power crisis, because almost 35% of the power gets stolen and most of the regions are still using diesel generators for power.

Technology can help people in many ways to fine-tune available appliances, such as cooling appliances to cut the consumption of energy and emission that is absolutely important. Streetlights and smartphone apps can be advanced with the help of sensor networks, and you will be able to get updated information about the traffic. In short, with the help of technology, you can bring improvements in all walks of the life.

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