Your Dream is Becoming Reality with Flying Car of Aeromobil

The development of the automobile and powered flight in the early 1900s gave an idea to the dreamers of tech enthusiasts to have a flying car because it is a unique idea to beat the traffic. There are lots of inventors in the market who tried to create this mythical machine, but only the Aeromobil delivers the real deal. The Solvakian Company was founded almost 25 years ago, and its founders Stefan Klein and JurajVaculik convert the dream of flying cars into reality. The 3.0 version is obtained with multiple prototypes, and the Aeromobil had gone through the whole process. Although, the flying car is not yet launched for sale, but the Aeromobil continuously working to access important milestones to make this car accessible to potential customers.

Attributes of a Good Flying Car

The car should support existing infrastructure, and the user can be able to use it just like a standard automobile. Rotax 912 engine is deployed by Aeromobil to get almost 30 mpg with the use of regular gasoline. You can get more than 500 miles driving range with one tank of gas, and you can access speed more than 100 mph. Dimensions of the Aeromobil are 7.3 feet W and 19.7 feet L to easily put it in the range of pickup trucks. You can drive the car safely on the roads and it is quite easy to park your card in the garages and standard spaces. Just like other supercars, the Aeromobil offers 2 seats and less storage space.

Performance of Aeromobil as an Airplane

The Aeromobil is ready to explore the skies with its collapsible wings. To take off the car, 90 mph speed is required, and company translates it to less than 900 feet of asphalt, rock, grass and off-road territory. After flying in the air, the cruise can be more than 120 mph with approximately 430 miles flying range. If you want to bring it down, the height should be less than 170 feet of the space.

The flying car will not be affordable for an average person, because the company has decided to fix the price of the car in the low six figures. The performance of the flying car will be based on the standards in the design and effectiveness, and you should keep it in mind, because with the passage of time, other companies may also try to introduce their version of the flying car.

The advanced composite bits and pieces of lightweight are used to design the Aeromobil, and its specific engineering makes it convenient to drive on the road, and the advanced technology also makes it highly safe for flying. If you want to drive this special car, you have to apply for a pilot’s license before taking the car in the skies, but there is no need to get 10,000 hours of flight.

Beautiful Design and Advanced Engineering

Due to its elegant design, advanced engineering and unique specifications according to the regular car will help you to use this car as an airplane. Basically, the success of the flying car is based on the combination of a formidable machine, and the day will come when you see the car on the streets and in the sky. Just wait for the time when your dream to fly a car will come true.

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