Unmanned Aircraft

Unmanned AirCraft

The futures’ dream…….Aircraft flies without pilots

A company Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DAPRA) of the United States of America is working on developing an unnamed craft. This aircraft has the ability to stay in the air for five years at a time. It is the golden and the best invention of the latest world.

This aircraft is known as Vulture for its persistent pseudo- satellite capability. That’s mean this aircraft can be able to fly in a single area, it can be communicated and analyzing for a long time period.

Major Challenges in This Project:

This project is so appealing and so interesting but there are some problems and obstacles in this project.

The first and major challenge of the system designers to find out some ways to supply power for long missions.
On the other hand, the second problem is that this aircraft will carry a 1000 pound payload in winds.
The designers also facing problems regarding deterioration material during the long time exposure to stratospheric flight.
Although there are many challenges in its designing process.

Daniel Newman:

He is the man in this vulture.

Daniel Newman is the man who is the project manager of this ambitious project of NASA Company.

The concept behind This Vulture:

Basically most of the aircraft operates like satellite, but the major difference is that these are not regulated by orbital mechanics. You can understand Vulture as a Pseudo-Satellite, which operates in the stratosphere and not in the low Earth orbit. This would provide a 65 dB upgrading in communications capability and will increase onboard sensor resolution.

When it will become a Reality:

The NASA Company has not mentioned its time table about when this aircraft will be ready for its first flight. But they are still working on it.

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