Two Suns might be Rise Up

2nd Sun Will Rise Up

Strange……! You Might see two suns on the sky

It is quite possible that at the end of this year you can see two suns in the sky. And it is quite possible it can’t happen after millions of years. Scientists say that it must happen after the end of this year or millions of year.

Two moons are possible in the poetry but the two suns for the earth like two knives in the pocket. A group of astrologist says that the Day of Judgment will come in 2012. In poetry, the Day of Judgment comes from the lover. But professorBrade Carter of Australia southern university says that for the rising of the second sun the Day of Judgment comes.

Professor Brade Carter says in his interview by telemail that a sun complete his life and he is for away about 640 Islamic year from the earth and it can be destroy at any moment.

The name of this sun is Betelgeuse and this sun is large about one million from our sun. Now a day it is shining on the sky like a red star. The sun is shining due to burning of the hydrogen gas. Due to less the hydrogen gas the sun also shines in less quantity and see like a red ball. Betelgeuse is also now in a red ball.

A report which is published in telegraph and Professor Carter says that Betelgeuse’s fuel is finished and he is beginning in the destroying stage. Car stops when the fuel is finished but when the fuel of sun finished he become destroys.

Our sun will reach to that stage after five billion years. When sun become destroys a large number of energy removed due to this impact. Scientists say that when Betelgeuse starts into this point so he removes very large energy from our sun and he looks so shinny from our sun.

The astrologist says that after rising second sun the day will much shinny and night will be finished. Because the earth nights will remain the day due to the Betelgeuse light.

The analysts are so worried due to the increasing in earth warming. But what happened when two suns will rise? The analysts are busy in their analysis. So Professor Brade Carter says that world will not destroy. The analysts say that destroying of shiny stars is not done at first time. Betelgeuse is so near from our earth and it can also see.

These kinds of incidents are happened everyday.  But they are so far from our earth that’s why we can’t see any changes in it.

Discovery news says that after the beginning of destroying stage stars can take millions of years and he say that we have not any computer or telescope to say the correct date about its destroying.

Another scientist Full palate say that Betelgeuse is so far enough that this light is so light from the sun but so dark from the moon. It can’t see from the small eye.

Professor Brade Carter says that after the beginning of destroying stage Betelgeuse remove not only light it also removes the neutron pieces. And when the Betelgeuse will not destroy the rain of neutron pieces becomes on our earth. The neutron pieces enter all the live and dead bodies on the earth. But he said in smiling face that don’t bother the Day of Judgment never came on the earth.

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