Top 10 Free Android Games

The free android games always consider the best way to spend valuable time in your idle moments. These games are quite good to play as compared to ordinary free online games, because these games provide limited access to players, and their best features are concealed behind the pay gates. Some games require you to make constant micro transactions in order to unlock different features of the game. Do not get trapped with such types of games, because there are tons of games that you can play online, and the 10 best games for the android device are as under:

Asphalt 8: Airborne

The game is an imitation of the PC games, and this version is specifically designed for Smartphone. The loft of the game has a clear winner, and it is really amazing to have this game for free. The game is free from micro transactions, and the gamer can enjoy the game and get quick access via the game app.

Real Racing 3

If you want something more serious, then the real racing game is specifically for you. The game can bring out your simulation. It will be the best game for you with jaw dropping visuals, great demand and a completely equipped Android device.

Blood Brothers

The game is specifically designed to play in the Android phones. It is partly a board game, partly RPG game and card based game. It is a unique game themed as a dark world filled with mythical creatures. The RPGs network makes it quite unique and mythical game.

Clash of Clans

Make your own strategy before starting the game and then jump into the quarrel of clans. It is a real time strategy game requires many players to play. Build your own village and safeguard it from attacks, because the other players can attack you in the form of train troops. The players can form a massive online community to play the game.

Dead Trigger 2

Make maximum scores by killing zombies, and it will be the best game for your journey. The game gives you a bang in the middle of the zombie apocalypse and you are just responsible to keep on killing. Simple controls are available for running and gunning, and you just have to focus on the simple controls. To play this game, you should have a smartphone.


If you are sick of old candy crush type puzzle games that fill your inbox with invitations, you can try this brand new smart puzzle game. It is a simple, but interesting game. You will get 60 seconds to join the dots of same colors.

Dungeon Hunter 4

Dungeon Hunter series is an interesting mobile game. It is a simple, but fun game with four types of characters to choose from. You will get tons of weapons and spells to increase your joy.

Galaxy on Fire 2

Enjoy this unbelievable space SIM game that is quite similar to the Wing Commander series. You will get a chance to fly a spaceship, fight trade and get mine for the money. It is easy to play and has amazing graphics with challenging dogfights in space and an amazing story. The game can give competition to several PC games.

Plants vs Zombies 2

The unique plants vs zombies 2 game is a pure fun from the start to the end. You can build an army of plants to supercharge all zombie hordes with plant food. The humorous graphics and cutesy characters will make you a fool, but you have to think tactically to play the game.

Ready Steady Bang

It is a simple game with astonishing fun, and you can enjoy a good old gunfight in the western style showdown. Quickly move your fingers on the controlled triggers to have complete fun time.


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