The New Inventions Frequently Disappears

The New Inventions Frequently Disappears

Of course! Latest inventions…..became old one…… instantly

You have heard such kind of news so often that several types of animals and plants have been disappeared or there is a great danger that they are on the verge of vanishing.
The general view of the cause of this is the changes in the environment of the whole universe and human being is considered responsible for this.  This danger has not only just limited for animals and plants but also man is being deprived of from his own inventions. Several inventions that were very famous just a few decades ago have been disappeared from our life.

Experts claim that so many things that you have been in your surroundings will be disappeared from our life. A few months ago, many people from Europe purchased a lot of old design decoration lights, not to light them but to show their children the types of bulbs they use for lighting in their age. The reason for this purchasing was that most of the European countries have been legally banned the purchase of such old-fashioned electric bulbs and now there have been used only the latest energy saver bulbs.

Now we will discuss some popular and new inventions to which expert says that they are just near to disappear. If you wish you can remember these now in your memories.

  • Fax Machine:

It is not far away that Fax Machine was warmly welcomed. Probably two or three decades ago most of the business organizations proudly mentioned in their advertisement that they have Fax Machine. The experts say that Email, Smart Phones, and Touch Screen technology have almost finished the need and demand for a fax machine.  At the moment, nobody is ready to purchase those most expensive fax machines even at a very cheap price.  This is only due to the sudden change and advancements in the latest technology. The manufacturers of fax machines have been trying to sell their expensive stock from the markets of developed countries to the developing countries as soon as possible to minimize their loss.

  • Telephone:

It seemed almost an impossible task to get a new connection of telephone just fifteen years ago.  Even by a large number of recommendations of senior officers, it took many years to get a new phone connection. Most of the developed countries were facing the same situation too. But the mobile phone and online audio and video chatting facility have minimized the importance of telephones.

In the old days, it was very difficult to get a phone connection and now people are going to disconnect their landline phone connections. Only in America since in the last few years one-fourth of telephones have been disconnected and more than 50% of people between the ages of 25 to 29 years are using mobile phones. The reason is that the mobile phone is handy, easy to use, cheap, and easy to connect to all over the world. The analysts say that the downfall of the telephone has now started and its departure is not too far now.

  • DVD’s:

A few decades ago DVD’s were most popular among people but the popularity has been fallen down very soon. Now from American and European markets, the DVDs are going to be out.  A new product Blue Ray disk is now replacing in which very fine quality of videos can be recorded although it can’t be run on a normal DVD. That is why the sale of the DVD player and DVD recorder is becoming less in the market.  The experts claim that DVD players will be disappeared entirely from the market in the coming years.

  • Film Projector:

The film industry in Pakistan has been declined for years and people have been started to construct shopping centers and marriages hall by demolishing cinema halls. But in developed countries, the case is the opposite as the film industry still getting progress with the new and huge TV screens and the majority of the people go to the cinema.

In America, the old fashioned film projectors have been replaced with the new digital projector. In 2005, there were only 100 digital film projectors which now increased up to 16000 in just five years from which 5000 projectors have the capability to show 3D films.  The experts analyze that the old film projectors will entirely disappear and the big slow slide film roll will only be seen in the museums.

  • Computer Mouse:

It is considered that the mouse is very useful for the usage of a computer and you can hardly find a computer which is used without a mouse. It has been observed that most of the people like to use mouse even with their laptops though they have the touchpad. But experts claim that there is a new device that is wireless ‘Magic TrackPad’ rapidly becoming popular due to which it seems that mouse will be disappeared sooner. It works with Bluetooth Frequency and has better proficiency than the usual mouse.

  • Mobile Phone Chargers:

Charging is a big matter for mobile phone users and every mobile phone company makes different kinds of chargers. It has been observed that in one house there may be different kinds of chargers and it would be a great difficulty when someone forgets to take charger while in traveling. The new solution is a wireless charger with which you can charge your mobile or GPS anywhere. If you install this little device anywhere in your home or office it will charge all the connected devices and will automatically turn off to save energy upon full charge.

  • Plasma TV:

Tube Screen televisions are still being used in developing countries while in developed countries the flat screen plasma TV looks old fashioned. As most of the television manufacturing countries have given up Plasma TV production and started LCD TV. LCD is not only a cheap technology but also uses lesser energy than others and more than that it is more durable too.

  • Credit Card:

Some people have the view that the most developed countries have a great pace of development and credit card is one of the main units of that pace. Although credit cards are becoming popular in developing countries, the experts have some different viewpoint that these cards are just on the verge of diminishing as they will be no more usage of these cards in our daily life.

Smartphone technology is replacing credit cards as there is a radio technology in them that can recognize the identity of a person which is used in banks and other financial terms. That is why expert suggests that there is no need for an extra thing in your pocket when you can buy/sell products with your own mobile phones.

  • IPad:

The invention of iPad has not only saved Apple Computer Company from defaulter but also become a world’s no. 1 and largest company. It is a digital music player that has become rapidly popular in the young generation.

Although there are so many different music players are available in markets but the demand for iPad is matchless. It is now generally said that these devices are just near to lose their identity as several new technologies have been introduced in mobile phones. iPhone is a new and smart technology owned by Apple company that has a large memory and so many other facilities along with the music.

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