New Strategic of Microsoft to Increase the Sale of Windows 8.1

Microsoft has clogged the sale of Windows 7 and it is a strategy of Microsoft to increase the sale of Windows 8.1. It forces users to update windows 8.1, or wait for the launch of the new operating system of the company, such as Windows 10. There was some time limit, but now from 31st October, the different versions of Windows 7, including Home Basic, Home Premium and Ultimate Versions and Windows 8 will not be available with PCs and laptops, because the Microsoft is planning to sell it separately, therefore these will not be installed on the laptops.

Success Rate of the Windows

Unfortunately, the original version of the Windows 8 could not get enough success for the company, because the users shun the touch screen orientated system as compared to the Start Menu and the Desktop layout of the windows 7. The Windows 7 has 53 percent users, while the users of Windows 8 are only 6 percent of the market share of the company. The Microsoft has lots of hopes with Windows 8.1, because it offers a conventional desktop mode and a tile-based touchscreen interface. The Start Menu will be back in the Windows 10, and its due released date for the public is middle of 2015, but at present, the version is available to download and test for the hardcore users in its half-finished state.

Future Version of Windows

Microsoft is quite confident about the Windows 10, because they think that it is perfect according to the “post-PC” formula as compared to the Windows 8. The OS will possess ability to run on a massive variety of products, such as PCs, laptops, game consoles, TVs, smartphones and tablets. The Microsoft has decided to terminate the sales of Windows 7 to successfully push the people to use the Windows 8 operating system. Since 31st October 2014, the Microsoft has stopped the license of Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Ultimate for all PC makers, including Dell, HP and Lenovo. Windows is a popular operating system, and its market share is almost 90 percent as compared to other operating systems.

Windows Operating System has Huge Market Share

Now you can only get a PC with pre-installed Window 7 until the existence to present stock. All new PC models will have either Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. You may get some business computers of previous years with Windows 7 professional. The mainstream support of the Microsoft will be available until 13th January, 2015. The Windows life-cycle fact sheet reveals that the support can be extended up to 14 January 2020. The retail copies of the Windows 8 are not available for sale, but still you can get the operating systems with pre-installed Windows 8. The usage of Windows 7 is 53 percent, while the XP and Windows 8.1 are used by 17 percent users. The next version of the Windows is Windows 10, and it is expected to release in the middle of the next year.