Latest Technology Trends 2020

The current era is famous for technological innovations. You can notice massive developments in quantum computing and space travel. Moreover, your lives are proliferated with advanced software and everything around you is getting better. In the coming year, you can see numerous innovations. Let’s see the details of the latest technology in 2020.


Automation is a famous term with unclear meaning. It refers to technologies such as big data, updated robotics, and cloud computing. Nowadays, automation becomes a technological driver of different businesses. Automated manufacturing, banking, and other activities will decrease human efforts.

Companies are attracting toward automation to maximize their profit. The future of automation may increase endless possibilities. Experts are looking forward to leveraging highly advanced technologies. The fusion of automation and technologies can make your life easy and better.

Mobile Commerce

With mobile commerce, human life is gradually becoming better. People can use intuitive apps and websites to shop via their phones. Google Wallet and Apple Pay are changing the world. You can imagine a cash-and-cardless world. Moreover, WeChat and Alipay allow you to pay for everything. In this process, you can’t ignore the importance of QR code.

5G Network

5G technology becomes a driving factor in the growth of wireless technology. In 2020, the greatest implementation of this technology is expected with 5G phones. Largest telecommunication companies are deploying 5G technology to meet their goals.

Implementation of 5G across the globe will introduce high speeds and reliable mobile networks. It will increase technological proliferation and automation in remote areas and cities. With this technology, driverless cars will become common. These vehicles need real-time data for the whole city. Moreover, it becomes useful to facilitate the use of drones.

5G networks will increase the speed of phones and everything. You will be able to enjoy a drastic improvement in wireless communication protocols. Wi-Fi 6 can increase the download speeds by 3X on the present Wi-Fi 5. The latest protocols allow you to connect more devices to a network along with a bigger data range.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is necessary for automation trends. This technology will take the top spot in the upcoming years. With AI, computers can learn about this world, similar to humans. It helps computers to do complicated tasks at the speed of light.

Current research projects in the AI field allow you to use facial recognition. Get the advantage of voice technologies and understand reporting and messaging. In the future, AI can grow without any human involvement. AI allows platforms to offer services, such as GPU workloads, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google.

Microchips in Human Brain

The human brain is the biggest mystery in this world. Now big companies are trying to interlock the raw power of the human mind with responsiveness and electronic stimulus. Intel is working on a chip to control different devices with your brain. In 2020, you can expect these microchips from Intel. At this time, it is possible to implant a chip in your mind and stimulates neural activity.

Voice Assistants

In the future, voice assistant and voice commands will be useful to your daily lives. Underlying technologies are machine learning, voice processing, and AI. The latest improvement in this technology is NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming). With this programming, systems and computers can understand the meaning of voice.