Great Space Saving Ideas to Decorate a Small Room

Anyone with a small house may think that space is impossible to create. However, you can easily design a small room using some space-saving ideas. To help you out, here are five rules to follow:

Use the Full Height of the Room

The first rule is to make sure you make the most out of the height of a small room. Instead of taking up floor space with storage items, build them up the walls instead. Something like a large bookcase is a great example of an item that uses the full height of a room and can save plenty of space.

Use One Piece of Furniture for Multiple Functions

Another idea is to take a piece of furniture and use it for many different functions. This saves you loads of space as you only need one piece of furniture instead of two or three. A great example of this is to use a table as a desk for you to work on, which can then be turned into a dining table for everyone to eat on as well. Sofa beds are a prime example of space-saving furniture, you can fold them away as a sofa to create space in a bedroom, and then unfold it as a bed at night when you want to sleep. In short, one piece of furniture with, two functions.

Use Furniture with Internal Storage Space

Storage space is great as it helps you put things away and rid a room of clutter. But, some storage containers can take up additional space in a room. What you should do is incorporate storage into your furniture. For example, buy beds that have storage underneath, or a sofa that does the same thing. You can buy chairs where the seat lifts up, and there are small storage compartments for little things. This way, you create storage space without taking up extra room.

Use Nesting Tables

Nesting tables are a genius way of saving space in a small room. If you didn’t know, nesting tables are a group of tables that fit under one another. You have a big one, and then under that fits a smaller one, then an even smaller one. It’s a clever way of having multiple tables in a room, but only taking up the same amount of space as one table would.

Use Stackable Furniture Where Possible

Finally, one of the oldest space-saving ideas in the book is to use stackable furniture. Stacking your furniture when it’s not in use will free up so much floor space and make even the tiniest of rooms look bigger. Chairs are an obvious thing you can buy that will stack, and there are many other unique stackable furniture designs out there too. Not everything can be stacked, but try and use this idea as much as possible whenever you can.

Consider all five of these rules if you want to design a small room with space saving ideas. They’ll all help you make small and cramped rooms feel more spacious and big.