Get Rid of Ordinary Alarm Clock and Enjoy Latest Technology

Your every day starts with your alarm clock because it is essential to wake up early in the morning. No alarm clock is perfect to wake you up, because often you snooze, stall and keep grumbling in the bed that will make you late. Now, there is no need to worry about oversleeping and rushed mornings, because the Ramos offers an advanced alarm clock that is remotely operated. You could not snooze it while lying on the bed, therefore it will be necessary for you to come out of the bed to bring your phone close to the Bluetooth alarm clock. It is a perfect choice for heavy sleepers, and it also has a defuse code and forces you to memorize the 4 digit number to switch off the alarm. You can’t cheat Ramos just like your cell phone alarm, because the battery can power it for many hours.

Wake Your Mind and Body

Regular alarms could not wake you up completely, because they can be turned off without even waking your mind and body. The Ramos can make your brain alert in the groggy mornings. Turning off the Ramos is a physical as well as a mental task because you have to get out of the bed to defuse the alarm. It can actively wake even heavy sleepers because the Ramos app engages you in different mental tasks, you may even perform jumping jacks in the kitchen to wake up.

Build Healthy Sleep Habits

A healthy and happy sleep routine is important because the Ramos alarm clock will rigidly enforce you to wake up on time and in a few days, you may naturally adjust your routine according to the wake-up time. It is an easy way to become more realistic to sleep early to wake up on time, so there will be no oversleeping now. As a result, you will enjoy a refreshing sleep and have an energetic start of the day, and soon you will be able to wake up without any alarm.

Highlighted Features of Alarm Clock

Gradual Pre-alarm:

It can be too jarring to wake up with the ordinary alarms, but the gentle sound is played with the pre-alarm options before playing the main alarm. The sound of crashing waves and chirping birds will make your morning happy.

Lockdown Mode:

The lockdown mode will help you to reset your alarm. The alarm setting should be locked 1 hour before to set the ring, and after locking the alarm clock, you can deactivate the clock with remote.

Battery Backup:

It is not possible to cheat the alarm clock by unplugging it, because the backup battery will keep the alarm running for many hours. It is a handy choice, even in the absence of power.

 Defuse Modes:

There are various ways to defuse the alarm ranging from easy to complicated mental activities. Disable the defuse modes all in all, and use it just like a regular alarm clock without other features.