Fitness Bus Brings the Gym to You

If you are out of shape, and looking for absolute ways to shed off some additional pounds to come back in shape, then it is important to join the gym, but due to extremely busy routine, people often complaint of the shortage of time. Do not worry, because your problem will be solved now, because the Mobile Gym is an easy solution for you. Typically, it is a large bus with all fitness equipment, tools, hardwood floors and gym environment. The fitness bus has everything for your workout, and the best thing is that there is no need to go to the gym, because the gym will automatically come to you. Adam Zickerman, the founder of InForm Fitness is behind this wonderful idea of the mobile gym. The Zickerman took this decision after listening to the complaints of the customer for the shortage of time.

As a trial, he had arranged everything with a small design and invested $60,000 initially in the interior and machinery. The idea was successful, because the bus does not need any promotion, because it can advertise itself, because it can access any place. A 60-year old Carole Pallmeyer stated her first experience about the mobile gym, “initially when I saw the mobile gym, I considered it a regular bus with some advertisement for the gym on the back, but soon I realized that it is a mobile gym. I was really excited and I booked the workout session for my entire family”. The mobile bus will make it easy for you to continue your workout routine without any obstacle, because the bus will always come on right time.

Benefits of Fitness Bus

The fitness bus also known as mobile gym is an incredible service, because it will save your time, and access you at the right time. The service is really useful, and you have to pay some additional cost for it. The starting fee of the session is $100 and the charges for in-house workouts are $65. For personal training session, you have to pay $500 in the city and $150 in Long Island.

There are lots of benefits of having a mobile bus, because you can enjoy the benefits of the complete workout with the combination of five to seven exercises. You can perform total body workout with the help of special equipment. The Zickerman comments that 20 minute workout might sound easy, but it is really difficult to perform, and you can get instant results. It is really challenging and the clients have to understand that the rest is also important between the workouts.

Possible Drawbacks of Fitness Bus

You can’t use equipment on the moving bus, because it is not legal, therefore there is no chance to save time of the work out during a travel. The mobile gym is successfully working for three years, and got great response. The bus is operated only once a week, because the Zickerman offers 20 minute workout in a week to build strength and stamina. Only two clients can use the bus at a time.