Facebook Fights Ebola With Donate Button Atop Feed

Ebola virus disease is fatal among human beings and unfortunately, there is no specific treatment to target this disease. Considering the severity of this disease, the owner of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg donated $25 million to fight with Eloba, and now Facebook is on its way to fight with the disease. Currently, there is a “Donate” button on the Facebook for three West African medical contributions at the top of the News Feed in the 30 countries, including the United States, and you can easily donate here.
The promoted UNICEF posts containing information for the Ebola safety get payment from Facebook. The 100 satellite internet hotspots are offered by Facebook through NetHope to provide medical facilities in remote areas, such as Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Moreover, on Google.com’s homepage their is also a donate button.
The aid workers and patients can connect with each other through voice and web connectivity to fight against Ebola. The Facebook has a great number of international users, such as 1.35 billion; therefore the worldwide problems are frequently discussed on this forum. The Facebook can act more than an app by becoming a foundational utility of the recent era. The current project has no business or growth objective, because it is started with the intention to place a full-stop before Ebola. Facebook has started playing its role in the time of crisis, and the donate button is specifically designed to promote it atop the News Feed to bring money to the persons suffering with Ebola. It makes it easy for the users to make donations with their credit card without leaving the site.
For the convenience of users, there is a safety check tool to inspect about the areas struck by the natural disasters to easily spread the message to friends and family members. It is not only the Facebook that always took initiative to help people, because there are almost 440 million people taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to collect donations for the sufferers. The site is a great platform to get potential donors and much more for needy people. In the case of Ebola, it is important to poke the world and create awareness about the disease. In 2010, the American Red Cross successfully raised $486 million for the earthquake and $87 million for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan, but in case of Ebola, the amount was $3.7 million only. It is just because of lack of awareness among people.
Up till now, there are more than 13,000 cases of Ebola and lots of people require screening and preclusion help. The lives of almost 10 million children are at risk, and under these critical circumstances, the Facebook realized that it is important to step in for the help. Donate button atop feed will help users to decide either to provide funds different organizations, such as International Medical Corps, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Cross Crescent Societies. You can make donations with your credit card, but if you do not want Facebook to keep your credit card information that can be useful for the e-commerce companies, you may remove the information afterwards.