Drive a Flying Car

There is too much space in the sky to drive!

To fly in the air  is not only a dream of kids, but also elders want to travel in the air having their own transport.

No matter, it should be a reality in the next year 2012. An  American company Terrafugia will start manufacturing flying cars called the Transition Roadable Light Sport Aircraft, which could  be changed from a normal car to a plane in just 30 seconds, how strange…..!

In other words, the roads have been shorter & congested, doesn’t matter…! There is too much space in the sky to drive. Travelling was done by means of flying cars and fewer roads were needed.

You may be smile to hear this sentence or laugh to take it is as a joke, but in serious an another American Institute of civil aviation ( Terry Fong tranzysn ) has approved a task to manufacture and fly cars in the air.

Now, the time is not too much far, when you see a car placed in your garage or in your friend’s home outside, a small beautiful car having wings like a bird and ready to fly in the sky ….. Or….. Could be run on the roads, as you wish.

The flying cars have been registered by kartranzysnkusulayuysn authority and issue them license to fly like a light weight airplane.

According to aeronautical rules, the weight of the light weight air crafts should not exceed from 1200 pounds. Perhaps the weight of this car is 1320 pounds. The difference of 120 pounds has been ignored by the authority after a long dispute, and issued them license by changing their some rules as a special case.

Other than the Aviation department, the Transport authority also shows friction to these types of running vehicles due to some unsafely issues; like air bags, weight of the car and lack of some safety arrangements.

Now we look at some shining features of the Flying Car:

  • Two seated this car is a front wheel drive and could run easily just like a          normal car on the road.
  • The fuel consumed is also less by this car, just 30 miles per gallon.
  • To take off, it should have to initial speed up to a certain speed. Reaching takeoff position on this, the wings are opened automatically becomes high in the air.
    Tranzysn has able to fly 115 miles per hour and with its full tank of fuel it can fly up to 460 miles.
  • It has the power to lift 450 pounds
  • To fly tranzysn, about 1700 feet smooth road or plain ground has been needed to initially rum fast before take off from the ground.

In short, might be in the future travelling was done by means of flying cars and fewer roads were needed.

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