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The world’s fastest telescope

It’s Time to Come Out; now you can see stars and moon Great news! Recently an influential radio telescope is made by an Australian scientist that will permit astro-chemists to test deeper into space than ever before has been divulged at a service in the Western Australia outback. Australia has made the world’s fastest Outer …

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A Bus above the Traffic

A new Straddling Bus There is too much traffic jam in developing countries as well as developed countries due to increase in the population. Which also cause to air pollution and noise. The one essential and the most wonderful invention of the current year 2011 is straddling bus. Just imagine when you feel problem and suffer hesitation in traffic jam on the road, meanwhile …

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Electric Cars

Electric Cars Due to highly increased prices of petroleum/gas products and also carbon emission environment polluted vehicles cause the manufacturers to work hard on alternative substitutes. Luckily few manufacturers are successful in this task. They have designed new cars which can run by an electric charge which is economical and free of environmental pollution. In …

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