Be One of the First in the World to Own a Shower Speaker System

Are you ready to have a shower system with the studio-quality sound and LED light sensors that enable you to enjoy the ultimate shower experience? Try this unique shower, because you can be the first lucky person who will install the world’s best shower speaker system available at economic prices. Imagine this amazing shower speaker system with lots of built-in features, including waterproof, Bluetooth speaker and LED stimulus system. The slimline rain shower is designed with all-inclusive technologies, and the designer has picked Indiegogo to use a launchpad to cover all tooling expenses.

Purpose and Benefits of Shower Speaker System

The waterproof shower speaker system has compatibility with all Bluetooth devices, Android devices and iPhone. You can play music with the Bluetooth activated device while taking a shower. The device enables you to enjoy the latest features of new wave Bluetooth technology.

You can also take advantage of built-in call answering features to conveniently use the hands-free speakerphone. The shower has responsive and appropriate buttons for music and call control. With the help of auto-pairing, you can connect the device even from longer ranges. The shower system supports a variety of colored LEDs. The lights are designed in a way to respond according to the passive information system with the help of an embedded temperature sensor.

Specifications of the Shower Speaker System

  • Wireless Bluetooth speaker with chargeable features (Detachable to use anywhere)
  • LED lights that can be changed according to the temperature of the water
  • Rainfall showerhead for the soothing water stream
  • Modern design based on stainless steel
  • Shower can be installed in 2 minutes without any tools
  • The wireless speaker has the capability to run more than 15 hours for music and call
  • Bluetooth range is 40 feet
  • Lithium ion battery
  • 1 USB battery charger is also available
  • High-fidelity of 3W waterproof speakers
  • 0 Bluetooth and EDR for flawless integration of your devices
  • Marvelous RF power amplifier for top class performance and crispy sound
  • Twin microphone noise reduction technology to make the phone calls smooth like a breeze
  • Pickup technology helps you to cancel the background noise
  • The latest audio algorithms are used in the manufacturing of the shower speaker system to make the best quality calls and music sound

LED Color Stimulus

Temperature of water more than 90 deg F or 32 deg C will make the color of LED lights blue.

Water temperature between 91 deg F and 106 deg F will turn the light Magenta.

The water temperature between 107 deg F and 113 def F will turn the LED lights red.

Installation of Shower Speaker System

Installation of the shower is really easy, because no wire, battery and other tools are required during this process. It is a plug and play device, and you can simply detach the previous shower and replace it with latest shower speaker by screwing it on the counter-clockwise direction. It is perfect for any basic kind of shower.

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