A Bus above the Traffic

A new Straddling Bus

There is too much traffic jam in developing countries as well as developed countries due to increase in the population. Which also cause to air pollution and noise.
The one essential and the most wonderful invention of the current year 2011 is straddling bus.

Just imagine when you feel problem and suffer hesitation in traffic jam on the road, meanwhile you ask your car to fly, and instantly it jumps to the sky and fly, bringing you to your destination quickly. This is actually new invented straddling bus by china’s expert engineers to fulfill the transport need of the next generation.

This marvelous bus is developed by Youzhou Song of Shenzen that give a complete solution to China’s pollution needs difficulties, such as the highly congested traffic.

The size of this useful public Bus is 18 ft tall, 25 ft wide that could carry about 1200 people easily and run by electricity and solar energy.

The solar energy is received from panels installed at the roof of the bus and it could travel to an typical speed of 25 mph and is stated to have the ability to minimize targeted traffic jams by approximately 30%.

This latest bus is a marvelous achievement and a new invention for the latest world.

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