12 Best Gifts to Present on Christmas to Tech Lovers

On this Christmas, you have a wide range of varieties from drones and Bluetooth speakers to smart projectors for the tech lovers. The following are the 12 best gifts to present at Christmas to give your friends who are tech lovers.

Hexbug Aquabot 2.0

The translucent, robotic shark is a perfect addition to your fish bowl. The Clownfish models of Hexbug Aquabot 2.0 will immediately start swimming around in the circle pointlessly, and it may look like a real fish, but there is no need to feed the fish.

Luckies Smartphone Projector

With the help of Luckies Smartphone Projector, you can turn your mobile into an inexpensive home-cinema. It is designed with DIY cardboard and 10x magnifying lens that beams video content on your wall.

Star Trek Pizza Cutter

The stylish Trekky collectable can slice the baked dough very smoothly. Its chromium-plated body makes it a wonderful replica of the original Starship Enterprise series.

DIY Gamer Kit

The DIY gamer kit enables you to assemble your portable games, including Snakes and Breakout. It will enable you to program your own game.

Nakamichi NBS 10 Bluetooth Speaker

Miniature two-watt orb is paired with another similar piece to create a remarkably immersive 3D-stereo effect for your smartphone, laptop and tablet. You can enjoy a good battery life too.

Q-Bopz Compact Bluetooth Speaker

It is a powerful 3 watt loudspeaker with water-resistant features. It has a suction cup to easily get the connection with the hard surfaces. You can attach it to your mobile or any other handy set.

Misfit Flash Fitness + Sleep Monitor

The unit features a simple LED dot display and the Flash can track running, swimming and cycling. It can also track the quality of your sleep. Its battery life is equal to 6 months and it is a cheap tracker available on the market with waterproof features.

WowWee MiP Balancing Robot

The robot is designed by the Robosapien with automaton features. It can carry cups of tea to your roam and move freely around your house. You can control it via smartphone according to your convenience. It can dance on your tunes, just upload songs from your music library and enjoy a delightful dance.

Connected Data Transporter

There is no need to use cloud anymore because you can create your own data hauler by connecting your hard-drive to the internet that will act as your own data cloud. You can store your data, synchronize and backup your all important files.

Parrot Minidrone Rolling Spider

The tiny quadrocopter can be controlled by your smartphone, and can perform lots of impressive functions, including in-air barrel rolls and back flips. The large wheels help you to drive up to it to the wall to roll along with the ceiling just like an anti-gravity car.

HTC Re Action Camera

The periscope shaped camera with shoot snapper will be your efficient choice because it can work well as compared to the smartphone. It can take wide-angle shots and HD video. It has waterproof features and you can easily pair it with your mobile to upload images.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet Pro 2

The 13-inch Android tablet features an eye-popping QHD display, a competent built-in projector to enjoy films and an innovative stand. These features make it the most versatile tablet, and it is quite cheaper as compared to a 32GB iPad Air 2.