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The First Human Robot

Wonderful surprising! Hope that we can also experience this life

Raymond Kurzweil is a 63 years old person. This man believes that if he will success to alive himself till 2050, so he will never die. This person is a scientist and he is also a computer expert and living in the New York City. He is also a writer of many books in which he forecasted about the topic of humanity & world and also gives his feedback.

human robot

This person also invented many different things like electronic keyboard and those tools which blind people can read any type of books. He is also working on that type of foods through which we can live for a long time, without eating any food.

Raymond received many awards on its achievements for these kinds of inventions and for writing books. He is also degree holder of 13 major universities. He plays a major part in those organizations which are related to science, philosophy and spirituality.

He says that the 21st century is so lucky. He advised to the peoples that they have an opportunity to live forever. And he also said that he can avail this major opportunity in the latest world.

He said that due to vast development in the medical field the age of human is increasing and most of the well developed countries the average age of man is increased about up to 80 years. more »