Strange! a new cow give same milk as like human milk…..!

This article has shocking information; the new and modified genetically cows nowadays can produce milk same as like human milk.

By means of the cloning knowledge and technology, a researcher and scientist Professor Lee Nyng from China has developed a special generation of cow by the combination of human cloning DNA and Stan Hall generation cow. new-cow-milk-300x1961

Professor Lee Nyng, the research team leader, stated, “The milk taste is delicious and stronger than normal dairy milk”.

This cow’s milk contains all the properties of human milk which is its main characteristic, i.e. this cow’s milk is similar to human breast milk.

The important question is that how this cow will be looked in the coming days because she will be started to give milk which contains all the compounds and properties of mother’s milk.

Some scientists (from department of Agri-Bio technology of Agriculture University of Beijing) after a long research and by using cloning techniques have successfully introduced a cow with the combination of human DNA. Stan Hall generation cow’s milk has the same properties and essential nutrients to produce milk with the same properties as of human breast milk. 

We know that person milk enriched with high quantity of essential proteins and nutrients that can help to improve the resistant organism of children and minimize the risk of diseases.

The research team leader Professor Lee said they have 300 cows of this generation at the time and they are continuously trying to create much more cows to start the possible supply for this kind of highly beneficial milk in the market.

The actual homeland of the Stan Hall cow is Holland, which is considered as the top most milk giving cows in the world.

The normal dairy cow’s milk is thick to use by nature and a good source of power and energy for elders. Although the mother’s milk is light and soft which is better for kids under two or two and a half years because they need easily digestive feed.

This conclusion shows that this cow’s milk might not be beneficial for elders; they can lose their energy if they drink this milk and it might be limited by children.

It should be useful and effective for kids to whom mothers not feed their own milk for any reason. It should cause an ease for those Moms.

The real and true situation will come over when this milk would be spread all over the towns and used by people of all ages.

It is a shocking news and valuable invention of this century. In the meanwhile, wait for circulate this milk to spread all over the towns.

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