A Latest Smartest phone – Gionee Elife S5.5

Gionee, the Chinese smart phone maker, is all set to launch its slimmest smart phone in the two countries this month: Gionee dubbed Elife S5.5 is 5.5 mm thick smart phone for the first time in the last month before the event at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.


On March 18, 2014, this smart phone will be launched first in China. Date of Released in India by March 31, 2014. Its official MWC announcement Gionee, the device is aimed at the more than 40 countries immediately after the initial, as well as consumers get a 4G LTE version of the smart phone in June 2014.

Gionee Elife S5.53G version will price ($ 374) CNY2, 299 of China. more »

iOS 7.1 update, Battery Issue

After the release of highly anticipated iOS 7.1 update, users face a lot of trouble from battery side after update. Especially since Apple was last November issued a total of five iOS 7.1 betas to developers, before finally releasing the update on March 10, 2014.


While according to reports from the iOS 7.1 update may solve the really most of the problems with iOS 7.0 (and improvements brought ID touch, improvements Siri, settings and user interface, among other features). But iOS 7.1 also seems to be bought along their own battery failure gate.

Apple fan site, 9to5mac.com reports that users discuss the new update to the Apple forums and Twitter are complaining about the issue of exchange of the battery. It goes so far as to say that running a clean install of iOS through iTunes can help solve this problem…. more »

A Look at Flagship Lumia with Pure View Camera Technology

It’s the time for Nokia to disclose  some of its camera innovations on the platform of  Windows Phone with the launch of the Nokia Lumia 920. Perhaps the phone was admired for its weight less imaging competence and the Clear Black beautiful display.

Here we reveal some of its great attracting features.

Take PureView photos every time.

It uses a Pure-View new techniques with Carl Zeiss lens captures error free videos even if the camera’s moving or in dim light places. It has great Optical Image Stabilization.

1- Nokia-Lumia-920-hero

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5 Killer Start-Ups that Reshape the Mobile Industry

The mobile devices are getting grouped in all offices, and they are not going away from our lives, some troublesome employees would like to use their own Smartphone devices and ignore the all office rules, although some company owners command their order by imposing BYOD policies, stands for bring your own device.
It’s a speculative report that some executives are tending to have iPad tabs while an android industry is hovering up but couldn’t scrapheap the apple market, however some executives are feeling great luxury to use window tablets which facilitatesmore with same OS they are using since their childhood, as they well proficient on their home desktops and office PCs. Android and apple have set new horizons of trendies tabs in marketplace.
We are going to discuss 5 startups which are striving to reshape the mobile industry.
1. Armor5

Domo provides a profitable business intellect dash-panel that you can view from any machine (hence its makers declared), especially cellular devices. This company declares that its software programs are easy-to-use and cloud-based, so you’re able to view real-time information being released and work out for important decision making off that data. Domo has become a bit bashful about revealing its actual features of data, however it previously possesses more than 75 venture clients and it is appearing out of confidential beta this year.  more »

Titan – rated as fastest computer in the world

world’s fastest computer is well efficient to perform trillion calculations

No doubt computers have extremely enhanced the way businesses operate in their respective fields. Latest technology has advanced so amazing that we can’t imagine. It is wonder if you visualize how the latest world would be like without computers? Computers are wonderful equipment that has been used widely in almost all industries and fields.

Titan certainly is rated as fastest computer developed by America (ORNL) laboratory. The super computer is placed in the 500 position as world’s fastest computer for November 2012. LINPAC states that the computer is well efficient to perform 17,590 trillion calculations within one second at the speed of 17.59 PF/Sec.
titan world super top computer

The computer is powered by over ½ million processors and ¼ million accelerators (NVIDIA K20x). more »

Premium quality Smartphone! Coming Soon

Windows Phone 8X is the latest innovation by HTC

It can be described as innovative design that offers you with complete mobile features along with reflecting your personality. Additional specs include – improved color display, sleek appearance and customized screen – designed to offer best features to users. HTC-Smart Phone

HTC certainly does offer with collection of best mobile gadgets to fulfill your requirements. So if you are looking for best smart phone of the season, then this gadget has the power to offer you with smile on your face.

The new improved 8X Windows phone – With the launch of this phone it is certain that HTC is all prepared to offer its users with its latest innovation “Windows Phone8X” that is designed to offer with full features of Windows operating system. The gadget is expected to leave its mark on its users mind. At the very first glance you might feel that the phone offers with a very unique looks that is modern and fresh. You certainly get to see the latest innovation of HTC in this gadget. The price tag is slightly on the higher side – $99 offered by AT&T, specifically for the US market.

HTC flagship – the New Windows phone 8X is a gadget that is solely developed to offer you with unbeatable features including built in amplifier, Beats audio processing, 720 Pixel resolution and a LCD display (4.3 inch) that is par excellence. The gadget is also powered by 1.5 GHz dual core microprocessor and a memory of 1GB RAM makes it very much distinct. The smart phone 8X also offers users with big internal storage (equivalent to 16GB) and exceptions twin cameral (1080 Pixel front and rear facing) with f/2 aperture along with unique NFC support.

> Status – Announced
> Launching date – November 2012

>Launching price – $ 199.99
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The world’s fastest telescope

It’s Time to Come Out; now you can see stars and moon.

Great news! Recently an influential radio telescope is made by an Australian scientist that will permit astro-chemists to test deeper into space than ever before has been divulged at a service in the Western Australia outback. Australia has made the world’s fastest Outer Space telescope. It is built to survey the birth of stars and distant galaxies will be made ​​aware of. In any case with this telescope we can do the tasks in 10 moments. We’re in a unique period of mapping the skies. And this is an amazing invention and a new step to move in space technology. Square kilometers of Western Australia area, the Australian guide fixes (ASKAP) thirty-six antennas installed by the diameter of each of the four feet. Telescope

With the proposed plates we can take scenes, in as much as before we may just take little pixels, through this we can see “Outside of the norm we’ll have the ability to guide the entire sky (quickly).” more »

Human Milk from the Cow

Strange! a new cow give same milk as like human milk…..!

This article has shocking information; the new and modified genetically cows nowadays can produce milk same as like human milk.

By means of the cloning knowledge and technology, a researcher and scientist Professor Lee Nyng from China has developed a special generation of cow by the combination of human cloning DNA and Stan Hall generation cow. new-cow-milk-300x1961

Professor Lee Nyng, the research team leader, stated, “The milk taste is delicious and stronger than normal dairy milk”.

This cow’s milk contains all the properties of human milk which is its main characteristic, i.e. this cow’s milk is similar to human breast milk.

The important question is that how this cow will be looked in the coming days because she will be started to give milk which contains all the compounds and properties of mother’s milk.

Some scientists (from department of Agri-Bio technology of Agriculture University of Beijing) after a long research and by using cloning techniques have successfully introduced a cow with the combination of human DNA. Stan Hall generation cow’s milk has the same properties and essential nutrients to produce milk with the same properties as of human breast milk.  more »

A Bus above the traffic

A new Straddling Bus

There is too much traffic jam in developing countries as well as developed countries due to increase in the population. Which also cause to air pollution and noise.

The one essential and the most wonderful invention of the current year 2011 is straddling bus.straddling bus

Just imagine when you feel problem and suffer hesitation in traffic jam on the road, meanwhile you ask your car to fly, and instantly it jumps to the sky and fly, bringing you to your destination quickly. This is actually new invented straddling bus by china’s expert engineers to fulfill the transport need of the next generation.

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The First Human Robot

Wonderful surprising! Hope that we can also experience this life

Raymond Kurzweil is a 63 years old person. This man believes that if he will success to alive himself till 2050, so he will never die. This person is a scientist and he is also a computer expert and living in the New York City. He is also a writer of many books in which he forecasted about the topic of humanity & world and also gives his feedback.

human robot

This person also invented many different things like electronic keyboard and those tools which blind people can read any type of books. He is also working on that type of foods through which we can live for a long time, without eating any food.

Raymond received many awards on its achievements for these kinds of inventions and for writing books. He is also degree holder of 13 major universities. He plays a major part in those organizations which are related to science, philosophy and spirituality.

He says that the 21st century is so lucky. He advised to the peoples that they have an opportunity to live forever. And he also said that he can avail this major opportunity in the latest world.

He said that due to vast development in the medical field the age of human is increasing and most of the well developed countries the average age of man is increased about up to 80 years. more »